Tuscarora Trail Distance Calculator Disclaimer

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As of the beginning of 2023 there is a major detour of the Tuscarora Trail. The trail between Maurertown and Powells Fort Camp is closed due to a landowner blockage. The Trail now enters (or leaves) the Shenandoah Valley via Woodstock Tower RD. This detour adds 7 miles to the length of the trail. Please consult the

Tuscarora Trail website

for more details. I have not updated this distance calculator yet as I am waiting to see if this is a permanent or temporary detour.

The Tuscarora Trail is an ever changing, ever evolving trail. It is constantly being re-routed due to various reasons. I have done extensive research on this trail, have hiked over half of it, have done trail work on portions of it and have visited 6 of the 14 shelters on it. I even helped build two of these shelters. So I can say that the mileages presented on this distance calculator are close but not exact distances for the Tuscarora Trail. I will keep researching and updating the app to get the data as close as possible.  Remember: if in doubt, follow the blazes.

Also, if you are going to thru hike, section hike or even day hike this trail, please buy the maps and guidebooks from


This one is very remote and if you encounter any issues on the Tuscarora Trail, the maps and guidebooks could save your life.

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