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       The Story of the Rag Tag Rangers Outdoor Group,   Backpacking Info,   Trail Shelters,
        Segment 29 of the Backpacker/AOL/ATC Tag Team Relay Hike,   Catoctin Trail, MD Backpacking Trip,  
        Big Savage Mountain, MD Backpacking Trip,   Dolly Sods Wilderness, WV Backpacking Trip,  
        Mason-Dixon Trail, PA between Lock 12 and Kohler RD,   GWNF, VA Trail Work Trip,  
        Prince William Forest, VA Backpacking Trip,   Green Ridge State Forest, MD Backpacking Trip,  
        Laurel Highlands Backpacking Trip (Miles 18-0),   Tuscarora Trail from WV9 to WV690 Backpacking Trip,  
        New Germany State Park, MD Backpacking Trip,   Allegheny Trail from Durbin to Cass, WV Backpacking Trip,  
        West Rim Trail, PA Backpacking Trip,   Tuscarora Trail from US340 to Mathews Arm CG, SNP Backpacking Trip,  
        Cranberry Wilderness, WV Backpacking Trip,   Mike's Almost Half Way AT Thru Hike,  
        AT from WV 9 to US 50 Ashby Gap, VA,   Laurel Highlands Camp and Hike (Miles 31-18),  
        AT from US50-Ashby Gap to VA55-Linden, VA,   AT from Bland to Pearisburg, VA
        AT from Daleville to Pearisburg, VA,   AT from Rockfish Gap to Linden, VA,  
        Laurel Fork Area, VA Backpacking Trip,   AT from US60 to US501, VA Backpacking Trip,  
        AT from US 60 to Rockfish Gap, VA Backpacking Trip,   Willis River Trail, VA Camp & Hike,  
        St. Mary's Wilderness, VA 'Training Exercise',   Old Loggers Path, PA Backpacking Trip,  
        Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail, PA (Miles 31 to 46),   AT from Troutville to James River, VA Backpacking Trip,  
        Otter Creek Wilderness, WV Backpacking Trip,   Quehanna Trail (Miles 30-0), PA Backpacking Trip,  
        Laurel Highlands Trail, PA (Miles 46-70) Backpacking Trip,   AT from Caledonia SP, PA to PenMar, MD Backpacking Trip,  

   Day Hiking
       Images from the Mason-Dixon Trail in PA, MD & DE,   Manassas National Battlefield Day Hike,  
        Northern Central Railroad Trail (North Half),   Northern Central Railroad Trail (Southern Half),  
        Bull Run-Occoquan Trail, VA (Eastern Half),   Bull Run-Occoquan Trail (Western Half),  
        Old Rag Mountain, VA Day Hike,   Gunpowder Falls SP, MD between PBD & York RD Day Hike,  
        Gunpowder Falls East of York RD, MD Day Hike,   Gunpowder Falls at US1, MD Day Hike,  
        Gettysburg NMP, PA Day Hike,   AT from Boiling Springs to Scott Farm, PA Day Hike,  
        Rose River- SNP, VA Day Hike,   Monocacy Battlefield, MD Day Hike,  
        Wildcat Mountain Natural Area, VA Day Hike,   Patapsco Valley State Park, MD McKeldin Area Day Hike,  
        Doves Landing Park, VA Day Hike,   Andrew Leitch Park, VA Day Hike,  
        Battle of First Manassas, VA Day Hike,   Locust Shade Park, VA Day Hike,  
        Conway Robinson SF, VA Day Hike,   Valley View Park, VA Day Hike

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