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Question Open Date Close Date Status
Do you camp in the Winter? If yes, state where in the comments section. 09-30-2019 11-01-2019 Open
This poll is for the POPUMC Hiking Group: Where would you like to hike on New Years Day? 08-28-2019 12-01-2019 Open
What is the worst thing about camping? 08-20-2019 09-30-2019 Closed
What is the best thing about camping? 07-17-2019 08-20-2019 Closed
Under what weather conditions would you cancel or postpone a hike? 06-15-2019 07-17-2019 Closed
What are the most number of days that you have spent on a given trail without getting resupplied? (And state the name of the trail in the comments area.) 05-13-2019 06-15-2019 Closed
Have you tent camped yet in 2019? Use the comments section to say where. 04-12-2019 05-13-2019 Closed
Do you like to fish? 03-11-2019 04-12-2019 Closed
Do you winter camp or are you going to wait for spring, summer or fall? 02-11-2019 03-11-2019 Closed
Has the partial government shutdown affected your outdoor plans? 01-10-2019 02-11-2019 Closed
What kind of outdoor related New Years resolutions have you made? 12-09-2018 01-10-2019 Closed
How many nights have you spent in a tent in 2018? 11-09-2018 12-09-2018 Closed
Which do you like to do more: hiking, backpacking or camping? 10-01-2018 11-09-2018 Closed
Recently, John McCain, Aretha Franklin and Neal Simon died within a week of each other. Do you believe that celebrity deaths always occur in threes? 09-02-2018 10-01-2018 Closed
Are you an Amazon Prime Member? 08-01-2018 09-02-2018 Closed
Do you own an electric vehicle? 06-30-2018 08-01-2018 Closed
With controversial tweets on Twitter in the news lately, what do you think about Twitter and do you use it? 05-30-2018 06-30-2018 Closed
Do you use coupons when shopping? If so, what type? 04-04-2018 05-30-2018 Closed
Do you think that the U.S. economy will expand, contract or stay the same in 2018? 03-04-2018 05-03-2018 Closed
Who will be the starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins for the 2018 season? 01-08-2018 04-04-2018 Closed
Other than sports cars do you think that car manufacturers should keep making cars with manual transmissions? 11-27-2017 03-04-2018 Closed

Frequently Asked Questions about the Opinion Polls

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