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RV Camping

RV Camping
The Breeze

Here are some trip logs and pictures of places that I have RV camped:

10/05/2012, Greenville Farm Family Campground, Haymarket, VA. This was the shakedown run for The Breeze. Staff was nice, site was good, though not level, neighbors were nice. Beautiful wooded tent camping area which I took my sons to over 20 years ago. Only downer was the smell of cow dung. Cold 2nd night. The RV did well. -MBC

11/13/2012, Lake Fairfax County Park, Reston, VA. Decided to go here since I had to take The Breeze in for an oil change, check tires and order a side view mirror housing (since I whacked a mailbox my first time out). I didn t get here until dusk so I hope to see the place tomorrow. Still testing various aspects of the RV. Everything looks good. Hopefully, I will get to take The Breeze out once a month.

PS- I hiked around Lake Fairfax this morning. It got down to 26 degrees last night. -MBC

12/07/2012, (Formerly) Madison KOA, Madison, VA. Left work early on Friday. Got to Madison KOA by about 4:30. Staff was friendly. Campground appears older but well maintained. I spent the day relaxing, cropping pictures and eating. Took a walk around the campground early Saturday morning. Friday night was pretty warm - in the 40 s. My son Andrew is supposed to stop by today. I hope he does. The Breeze did well on this trip. I got propane for the first time. This will be the last RV trip of 2012. -MBC

01/18/2013, Bull Run Regional Park, Centreville, VA. Not sure I would make this one as our dog Silent is not doing well. So I left work early, went home and took care of him, and then went camping. So far, so good. I last tent camped here about 9 years ago. So glad I made it back. Facilities look good, staff was friendly. I plan to hike the white blazed perimeter trail tomorrow morning. I m glad that this campground is close to home. I ve had The Breeze for 4 months now and have camped at a different campground each month. Even in winter! PS- We had to put Silent to sleep on 01/19/2013. -MBC

02/13/2013, Pohick Bay Regional Park, Lorton, VA. A snowy, cold weekend. Trip number 5 started out with some snafus. I was trying to avoid a 13 foot, 3 inch bridge clearance on US 1 N of Woodbridge, VA as I thought it was too close. I exited I 95 at exit 161 US 1 N. There was that bridge! I was told not to go below 13 feet with this rig. However, traffic was behind me and there was no place to turn around. So I took a chance and made it through. One crisis down. I got to the campground, got checked in, and while backing into site 7 I hit a tree. Not a bad ding but it upset me. I ll get it fixed eventually. After getting set up I walked over to Gunston Hall and took the tour. Very nice. I then walked back and spent the rest of the day resting and changing out the interior RV lights to LED s, eating and writing this journal. Tomorrow I plan on doing some hiking, replacing some more lights with LED s, checking my taxes and relaxing. I will then come home on Monday, 02/18/2013.

PS- Due to the extreme cold on Sunday, 02/17/2013 and the fact that I was still getting over a cold I decided to leave late Sunday afternoon. -MBC

03/23/2013, Prince William Forest RV Park, Triangle, VA. This is trip number 6 in The Breeze. Though I did camp here in August, 2012 with a 19 foot Cruise America rental. I wanted to un-winterize The Breeze this weekend. However, it is still going down to the 20s at night. So un-winterizing probably won t occur until early April. I mostly rested and did some paperwork today. Tomorrow morning I may take a short walk, then get home before it snows! -MBC

04/26/2013, Shenandoah River/Andy Guest State Park, Bentonville, VA. Trip number 7 and the first one for Julie and myself. We also attended a rally put on by the Virginia Campers. We arrived Friday afternoon and got set up. The satellite dish worked well. They had an ice cream social on Friday night. Met some nice people. The ice cream was good but too frozen to eat in any quantities. The campground had 32 sites. The VA Campers took up 28 of them. I did some hiking on Saturday morning. We attended a bingo game in the afternoon and a pot luck dinner on Saturday night. Sunday morning we tried fishing but kept losing our line via snags. The Breeze performed flawlessly. Only problems were that the bed was too cramped and someone thought the bathroom was too small. Maybe a bigger RV is in our future. -MBC

05/12/2013, Drummer Boy Camping Resort, Gettysburg, PA. I cut out early Friday from work and endured rush hour traffic and the 2.5 hour drive to Drummer Boy Camping Resort in Gettysburg. I got setup around 5 PM, walked to the store for a drink and got rained on on the way back. The rest of the weekend would be sun-rain-sun-rain. I managed to hike the perimeter of this 400 site campground. 2.5 miles around! Did some fishing, relaxed and had a good time. Most people here rented golf carts to get around. I walked. Hope to get to the new Gettysburg Visitors Center and Cyclarama on Sunday morning. -MBC

06/14/2013, Skyline Ranch Resort, Front Royal, VA. I got a Passport America card, which promised 50 percent off camping and that it would pay for itself after 2 times. Since Skyline Ranch Resort was the closest P.A. campground, I went there. And it more than paid for the P.A. card. This is a campground/timeshare. They rent campsites with and without RV s on them. They have small cabins and they have timeshares with chalets on them, which look very nice from the outside. I get a free breakfast tomorrow morning while getting beat up for a timeshare, and another on Sunday since it is Fathers Day. The only bummer today is that the dish won t work. Either there are too many trees here or I have a bad receiver box. -MBC

The Breeze at Skyline Ranch Resort, VA
The Breeze at Skyline Ranch
Resort, VA.
Buzzard Rock Trail, GWJNF, VA
Buzzard Rock Trail, GWJNF,
Buzzard Rock Overlook, GWJNF, VA
Buzzard Overlook, GWJNF,

06/21/2013, KOA, Harpers Ferry, WV. Julie got 2 Saturdays off in a row so we decided to go to the KOA in Harpers Ferry, WV. This is the first back-to-back weekend adventure in The Breeze. Left my last day at my present contract and drove out to Harpers Ferry around 4ish. I set up and Julie got here around 7ish. This campground is big and very compact. Around 300 sites, they packum in. I counted 15 sites within a 50 foot radius of ours. We did the flea market on Saturday morning, the casino on Saturday afternoon, chilled around the campfire on Saturday night, then went home Sunday. A nice time was had. -MBC

The Breeze at Harpers Ferry KOA, WV
The Breeze at Harpers Ferry

06/26/2013, Candy Hill Campground, Winchester, VA. Wow! 3 trips in the month of June. Since I was in between contracts I decided to take a road trip. So for night number 1 I am staying at Candy Hill Campground near Winchester, VA. Very nice place. Grounds are meticulous. About 100 sites, staff is very friendly, pool is nice and cool (I swam in it) on this very hot (upper 90s) day. Only downer is the road noise from VA 37. But I should be OK with the AC on and the ear plugs in. Tomorrow it is either Bills house and boondocking or Greenbriar/Gambrils State Parks. It depends on whether Bill will be home tomorrow. Then I hope to be home by mid day, Friday, June 28th. -MBC

The Breeze at Candy Hill CG, VA
The Breeze at Candy Hill
Sign @ Candy Hill CG, VA
Sign @ Candy Hill

06/27/2013, Greenbrier State Park, Boonsboro, MD. Bill had to go and see his ill father in law. So I reserved a site at Greenbrier State Park. Nice park, nice sites, hiked to the AT. Only .6 miles but 1,000 feet elevation change. So I was tired afterwards. Tornado warning in the afternoon but none was spotted. Peaceful night, then home on Friday, 6/28. -MBC

The Breeze at Greenbrier SP, MD
The Breeze at Greenbrier
07/12/2013, Shenandoah Crossing, Gordonsville, VA. Trip 12, Campground 13, 15th night camped so far in 2013. Recommended by Bill on vacampers.com (which no longer exists). Got out of work late and traffic was bad most of the way. Got here around 7:30 PM. Only had a short amount of time to eat and get set up. Took a guided hike on Saturday morning. It is now around noon. I plan to do some fishing and some swimming. Nice campground. Bad technology weekend. Wifi did not work (again) So I am just taking it easy.

Edit- After walking 2 miles to get some night crawlers, my fishing rod did not work. Also, I tried to go swimming but the pool was too crowded. -MBC

The Breeze at Shenandoah Crossing, VA
The Breeze at Shenandoah
Crossing, VA.
View from side window
View from side window.
View of Lake Izac, VA
View of Lake Izac, VA.

08/02/2013, Poes South Fork Campground, Front Royal, VA. Trip 13, campground 14, 16th and 17th night camped this year. Snuck out of work early and made it to Front Royal before 6 pm. Campground is small- about 25 to 30 sites. No amenities other than W/S/E, the Shenandoah River and a bath house. Not much to this campground. But the price, at 35 dollars, was right. -MBC

Sign @ Poes South Fork Campground, VA
Sign @ Poes South Fork
Campground, VA.
The Breeze @ Poes South Fork Campground, VA
The Breeze @ Poes South
Fork Campground, VA.
Road in Poes South Fork Campground, VA
Road in Poes South Fork,
Campground, VA.

08/31/2013, Bull Run Regional Park, Centreville, VA. trip 14, campground 15, 17th and 18th nights camped. This was the second time this year that I camped at Bull Run Regional Park. It was very cold last January. It was very hot this weekend. Over 90 each day. Julie brought dinner from Subway and we made a fire. I also set up a Wi-Fi hotspot on my phone for the first time and again got the Dish Tailgater working on 2 satellites. On Saturday I hiked the White Trail, fished Bull Run (I caught a sunfish and a blue gill) and swam at the water park. So it was a good weekend. The Breeze performed flawlessly. I can t wait until next weekend. -MBC

09/06/2013, Frontier Town Campground, Berlin, MD. Trip 15, campground 16, 19th and 20th nights. Longest trip yet for The Breeze. Julie and I both took Friday off for this one. The weather was perfect! I was scared going over the Bay Bridge but did fine. This is a very nice campground, western themed. It was dog weekend here but they were well behaved. Nice amenities, right on the bay, glad we came. Taking a shuttle to O.C. this morning and spending the day there. Then its homeward bound tomorrow. -MBC

Frontier Town sign
Frontier Town sign.
Me @ Frontier Town, MD
Me @ Frontier Town, MD.
10/14/2013, North Fork Resort, Front Royal, VA. Trip 16, campground 17, 21st night. Since I was in between contract jobs I decided to take The Breeze out for a camping trip. This is another one of those timeshare type of campgrounds About 400 sites. Most had an RV on them but not all were occupied. Nice staff. Going fishing in the morning. Only downer to this trip is that I forgot my food. I had to walk to a country store about 2 miles away. All that I have to eat right now are Spam, Pop Tarts, Vienna Sausages and Slim Jims. Oh, well. I have now owned The Breeze over a year! -MBC

11/10/2013, Aquia Pines Camp Resort, Stafford, VA. Trip 17, campground 18, 22nd night. I chose to stay here for the November trip because it was very close to a new contract job. Got here around 2 PM. The site that I was assigned to was in the woods and secluded. It had water and electricity. I got Wifi logins but it didn t work. So I created a Wifi hotspot with my phone. Cable was not available in the woods. So I walked the perimeter of this 135 site campground in about half an hour. I ate, finished a book about the Barefoot Sisters hiking the AT, and just chilled. Temps were in the high 60s during the day. But they are supposed to be in the 30s tonight. I m going straight to work tomorrow so we will see how that works out. -MBC

12/21/2013, Hillwood Camping Park, Gainesville, VA. The streak continues! Trip 18, campground 19, 23rd night, 14th consecutive month. I got some service work done on The Breeze so I decided to camp that night. Had to decide between Lake Fairfax, Hillwood Camping Park and somewhere in the Shenandoah Valley. I chose Hillwood because it was close to home. This place has changed since I tent camped here close to 30 years ago. The owners have sold off most of their property and now have mostly full time residents, a number of which are in run down trailers. A McDonalds, a CVS and other stores were built along US29 on what was once their property. The campground itself is very nice. However, I am of the opinion that, some day, this campground will succumb to development. -MBC

01/19/2014, Prince William Forest RV Park, Dumfries, VA. I am going to reset all counters except the one that says this is the 15th consecutive month that I have taken The Breeze out. Amazing! It got up into the 50s today. I camped out tonight because I am off on M.L. King Day. Hiked a power line right of way to a gas line right of way to the park boundary and back. Good hike. This park and Bull Run Regional Park are my basecamps. The Breeze performed well. -MBC

03/08/2014, Roundtop Campground, Gettysburg, PA. The streak has been broken! I was supposed to stay at Roundtop Campground, Gettysburg, PA, 0n January 15th and 16th, 2014. Bit since we got 14 inches of snow that weekend I had to postpone this trip to March 8th and 9th, 2014. It snowed another 4 inches on March 4th, 2014 but I decided to take a chance and come on up. It paid off. The weather was in the mid 60s on Saturday and low 60s on Sunday. This is a nice campground. Its been here awhile. I remember passing when going to Rochester, NY as a kid. Close to 300 sites, this is owned by the same people that own Drummer Boy Campground. Anyway, I had a nice time though I did have a few mechanical issues with The Breeze. -MBC

03/28/2014, KOA, Fredericksburg, VA. Since it snowed last month and I could not go camping I went twice this month! Left work Friday evening for KOA Fredericksburg. Nice park. About 117 sites. Not a lot of nearby things to do. 3 things about this park stand out: Nice, new camp store, rest room and shower complex. Nice, huge equipment barn that keeps all of their gear out of site. And a very advanced water treatment system. Nice fishing pond though I did not catch any and lost my line. It rained all Friday night and most of Saturday. Saw some interesting RVs here: a Prevost, an Earthroamer XVLT, a Toyota Chinook and a Thor ACE. This is a nice campground to stop at along the way to somewhere. The staff was very friendly. -MBC

04/25/2014, Lake Anna State Park, VA. We got a late start and it was supposed to rain so we did not bring the toad. Julie joined me on this trip. It was also the Virginia Campers spring rally. It rained like cats and dogs all the way down. Didn t stop until we got to our spot. We got set up and went to the Friday night get together. Saw some old faces and met some new ones. On Saturday we had a leisurely breakfast, did some fishing (I caught 1 sunfish), and took a nap. That night we went to the pot luck dinner and chinese auction. We took salad, bean salad, trailer lights, a heated cup and coal. We came back with pancake mix, syrup, shot martini and wine glasses. Sunday morning I hiked a few miles, we ate, packed up and went home. Great weekend. Even if I did get told 2 days earlier that my contract was ending in a week and I dented the RV bumper. -MBC

05/10/2014, KOA Virginia Beach, VA. This was a special trip. 1. My son John was getting married. 2. Julie came along on this trip. 3. It was the first time that I brought along the Saturn Vue as a toad. We had some technical toad issues before we got on the road. We took I95 I295 US460 VA58 I264 I64 to get there. The toad performed flawlessly. The wedding ceremony was very different. Performed by the J.P. of Virginia Beach. There were only about 18 of us there. We had a nice dinner afterwards. I wish the best for John, Ruth, Josie and Jillian. Julie and I relaxed and saw the sights on Sunday, then headed back on Sunday night. This was the 25th trip for The Breeze. -MBC

10/12/2018, Front Royal RV Campground, VA. Trip number 6 of 2014. Since I was in between jobs I decided to go and visit the only campground near Front Royal, VA that I had not yet been to. This is a former KOA. In fact, the road it is on is still called KOA Drive. And it looks a lot like a KOA. It is run by a nice couple that do a number of things well. However, a number of things need to be done to this campground to make it great again. There is no 50A service, the tenting area looks like no one has been back there in years, the fishing pond is a marsh complete with trash and old tires. And the trail leading to it is nearly impassable. So the wifi was good, the cell service was OK and my dish tailgater found 2 out of 3 satellites. This campground was OK but not grat like it probably was at one time. -MBC

06/21/2014, Montebello Camping and Fishing Resort, VA. Trip number 7 this year. I was worried about the weather as well as the roads coming down here. But the rains held off and and I had a decent trip. Im glad that I took the Blue Ridge Parkway as I only had to endure VA56 for about 3 miles. It was windey and hilly. As for the campground it was about 55 sites, mostly trailers, popups and tents. I only saw 1 other class C. The owner told me that people did bring 40 foot RVs here. I found that amazing. Anyway, the campground was nice. The bathrooms and store looked like they belonged to a KOA. Everyone was nice. I even met some AT thru hikers at the store. Unfortunately, it is about a 5 mile hike to the AT, some of it along VA56. So I had to pass on hiking there. The only thing that I didnt like about this campground was that my site was configured strangely. The water, electric, sewer and picnic table were all on the same side and spaced widely apart. So I could not hook up to the sewer. Oh well, Ill dump before I leave. I ll try making a fire tonight, fishing and taking a walk tomorrow. Then, head home. -MBC

07/19/2014, Ramblin Pines Campground, Woodbine, MD. Trip number 8 this year, 27th overall. Took The Breeze to Ramblin Pines Campground so that Julie and I could have hamburgers and hot dogs with my cousin Ron and his wife Sherry. Nice campground, about 225 sites. They have all the amenities. It rained on Saturday night but we still managed to have a nice fire. Definitely a nice weekend. I would return here. -MBC

08/12/2014, Lake Fairfax Park, Reston, VA. Trip number 28. This is a the second time that I have been here. Last time was a cold weeknight. This time was a rainy weekend. I did get to hike a 2.6 mile round trip to the new Wiehle AVE metro station. Nice hike. But because of the rain we couldn not go fishing, we could not have a fire and we could not cook hot dogs and make smores. Julie showed up but my niece and nephews did not. So this trip was a washout. However, a bad day camping is still better than a good day at work. -MBC

09/12/2014, Cunningham Falls SP Manor Area Campground, MD. Trip number 29. Left work Friday afternoon and drove to the Manor Area. I last camped here in a tent in January, 1996. Thats 18.5 years ago. Looks like it has not changed much. About 50 sites, some with electric. Tomorrow I will drive to Morgantown, PA and hike 8.2 miles of the Horse-Shoe Trail with Terri Moore. Not sure where I will end up. But this weekend I will spend Friday night in MD, Saturday night in PA and Sunday night in VA. On Saturday Terri Moore and I hiked 8.2 miles of the Horse-Shoe Trail and 2 miles from the trail to her house. We had steak and beer afterwards. It was good. -MBC

10/10/2014, Shenandoah Valley Campground, Verona, VA. This was the fall rally for the Virginia Campers. I drove the RV to work on Friday, 10/10, then drove down to Verona via I66 and I81. Traffic was bad until I got past Centreville, VA. Didn t get to the campground until about 7:15. It then started raining. It rained all night and intermittently all day Saturday. On 10/11 we took a group picture in front of a waterfall at 11, then had a pot luck dinner and chinese auction between 6:30 and 8. I did a bit of hiking in between. Sunday, 10/12- Had biscuits and gravy and heard a preacher at an interdenominational service, went fishing and caught a catfish in their pond, none in the Middle River. Chilled the rest of the day, watched football. 10/13- Leisurely went home. This marks the 2nd anniversary of my RV experience. Amazing. I ve seen some neat places in these last 2 years. Hope to see more in the future! -MBC

10/18/2014, John Calabrese' Driveway, Fredericksburg, VA. 10/18- Julie had a glass show in Fredericksburg this weekend. Drove The Breeze down to John s on Saturday morning, visited a bit, got a ride over to the expo center by John s wife Ruth. Helped Julie for awhile, took her car home to get some clothes for her, came back and ate dinner at Carrabba s, then went back to Johns.

10/19- I made pancakes for everyone for breakfast, then Julie went to the show. I did some paperwork, packaged some MRE s, did some hiking in the woods next to Johns house, watched the Redskins for awhile, then went to the show and helped Julie pack up. Her sales were so-so for this show. But, as usual, the RV excursion was great! -MBC

11/07/2014, Brunswick Family Campground, Brunswick, MD. Drove the RV to work Friday, 11/7, then drove to Brunswick Family Campground, MD. This campground has about 50 sites. My site had 20/30 amp and water. The roads are gravel. My site, though level, was grass only. The main activities here are fishing, hiking, biking, rafting and tubing. This campground appears to be run by the town of Brunswick. The bathhouse was clean. This campground has handicapped facilities. In order to get to this campground you have to drive .75 miles along the C and O canal toepath. It is narrow so if another vehicle comes along from the opposite direction, some compromising is in order. There is an active train track just beyond the toepath so bring earplugs. And the website URL is riverfrontcampground.com, which is a bit confusing. My Dish Tailgater worked fine and Verizon cell service had 2 bars. This was a nice campground for a quick getaway trip. -MBC

12/15/2014, KOA, Natural Bridge, VA. This is the first entry from my week long road trip to Mayberry (Mount Airy, NC). I got the oil and antifreeze changed on The Breeze. I then took I66 to I81 to the KOA in Natural Bridge, VA. On the way down I stopped at the Route 11 potato plant and got some purple sweet potato chips. Not crazy about them. However, Shenandoah Valley Campground (The one in Mount Jackson, not Verona, VA) and Shenandoah Caverns are within walking distance. Possible weekend getaway? I passed another campground at New Market and a Lee-Hi Campground (I will have to check that one out). I got to the KOA at Natural Bridge around 1:30 PM. Nice place. The Tailgater didn t work again! On to Mayberry tomorrow. -MBC

12/16/2014, Mayberry Campground, Mount Airy, NC. This was the first time that The Breeze went to NC. Nice campground. Bathrooms were fair, good wifi and cable. Spent half a day in Mayberry and had a nice time. The only negative thing about this park was that it did not have a picnic table at any of the sites. But that is OK. The weather was fantastic! It has been in the 70s the last few days. I think I picked a good week for this trip. One more night to report. -MBC

12/18/2014, Madison Shenandoah Hills Campground, Madison, VA. I stayed here 2 years ago this month. And since Heavenly Acres Campground in Stanardsville, VA was closed for the winter I stayed here again. This was the most expensive campground on the trip! It was a KOA last time I stayed here. It is a Good Sam campground now. Like last time the staff was friendly, the wifi string, cell coverage good. And my Dish Tailgater worked. The bathrooms, though dated, were large and clean. Tomorrow it is back home to reality. This was the longest (5 days, 4 nights) and farthest (600 miles) trip that The Breeze has taken me on so far. -MBC

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