Valley View Park, VA Day Hike

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This day hike was led by Randall Bartlett on Saturday, August 4, 2018. Below is the trip report that was filed. Sorry, but no pictures for this one.

The group met and we had 7 hikers: Randall, Laura, and John Bartlett; Dave McIntyre; Mary Gordon, and Warren and Nancy Keithley. The Kettle Run had overflowed its banks in the past 24-36 hours so the trail was extra wet and muddy. We could not cross the stream to even get to the loop in the back and the route around the maintenance building was not accessible. The grass was extra wet but we survived and still got about 1.5 miles in.

I did not recognize the place on the map but John had had a soccer tournament there several years ago. a nice park that I would be willing to do again.

Randall B

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