Mike's Gear Picks

Below is a list of gear for various outdoor activities that that I think are a good way to enjoy that activity better. I own some of these items. And I would like to own all of them. This gear is offered for sale by the various advertisers on this site. Please patronize our Advertisers. Thanks.
-- Backpacking --

Kodiak 6000 Universal Power Bank
USB Power Bank - The Kodiak- Off the grid, off the map, or just out to lunch with no outlet nearby, the Kodiak 2.0 Power Bank has you - and your mates - covered with its rugged, portable design, dual power outlets, and 6000 mAh of charge capacity. A waterproof, dustproof, shockproof housing means no matter how many times you've shattered your phone screen, you're still going to have to get extremely stupid if you want to keep your Kodiak from functioning as designed. Dual power outlets mean you can share the love and stop the whining that always follows a dead battery. How about a flashlight? A 6-LED light with High, Low, and Emergency Strobe (aka Techno Dance) Mode? OK, it's almost 4:30 and you said you'd leave early for the desert. Better get going, and don't forget your Kodiak. Because unplugging feels better when it's a voluntary decision.

- Offered by outdoortechnology.com

-- Car Camping --

Legacy Emergency Food Gift Cards
Legacy Emergency Food Gift Cards- Legacy Emergency Food Gift Cards are ideal for someone who is a prepper, a hunter, a camper or a backpacker. They have a wide variety of freeze dried emergency food that is there when you need it. Some great benefits of Legacy include that they are one of the few freeze dried food sellers to offer gluten free food, they are the lowest cost per pound of any major freeze dried food provider and they have a 25 year shelf life on their products. And with a gift card the recipient can get exactly what they want. So whether you want emergency food or just food for that weekend outing, Legacy Emergency Food is the one to get.

- Offered by legacyfoodstorage.com

-- For Your Vehicle --

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System
Driver Fatigue Monitoring System- After participating in an outdoor adventure the long drive home can be a challenge. You are tired and just want to get home. Loud music, all the windows down, drinking coffee and chewing gum don't always help. This amazing device utilizes advanced algorithms to detect driving drowsiness. It's very easy to install and has various features such as a built in GPS that can issue an alert based on a preset speed. You can even get an optional warning light for added protection. This amazing technology could save your life.

- Offered by rearviewsafety.com

-- Golfing --

Optishot 2 Golf Simulator
Optishot 2 Golf Simulator-No matter how good you are at golf this device will make you better! The way it works is that you download the OptiShot software to your computer, attach tthe Optishot 2 Golf Simulator to your USB port and you are ready to go. You will see simulated views of golf courses and where your ball lands on these courses after you tee off from the Optishot 2 Golf Simulator. Once you get very good you can even challenge other golfers online that also have this product. If the weather isn't great for golf, the Optishot 2 Golf Simulator is always open for business.

- Offered by optishotgolf.com

-- RV Camping --

Fatwood Fire-Starter, 30 lb. Box
Fatwood Fire-Starter, 30 lb. Box- If you want to have a great camp fire the first time you light it every time, this is the stuff to buy. It is made from naturally felled pine trees and is the innermost, resin rich, combustable part of the tree. This 30 pound box is full of 8 inch strips. All you need is a few of them to have a great fire. Keep a supply of them in your RV for that next "fantastic fire" opportunity.

- Offered by plowhearth.com

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