Me at Oak Ridge Campground, PWFP, VA 04-1997

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Below are some logs recorded after backpacking trips from long ago:

09/23-28/1995- Segment 29 of the Backpacker/AOL/ATC Tag Team Relay Hike

02/09-11/1996- Catoctin Trail, MD Backpacking Trip

04/19-21/1996- Big Savage Mountain, MD Backpacking Trip

06/21-23/1996- Dolly Sods Wilderness Backpacking Trip, WV

08/09-11/1996- Mason-Dixon Trail, PA between Lock 12 & Kohler RD

09/08-13/1996- GWNF, VA Trail Work Trip

04/18-20/1997- Prince William Forest, VA Backpacking Trip

5/29-6/1/1997- Green Ridge State Forest, MD Backpacking Trip

07/18-20/1997- Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail, PA (Miles 18-0)

09/13-17/1997- Tuscarora Trail from WV9 to WV460 Backpacking Trip

4/17-18/1998- New Germany State Park, MD Backpacking trip

5/23-24/1998- Allegheny Trail from Durbin to Cass, WV Backpacking Trip

07/03-05/1998- West Rim Trail, PA Backpacking Trip

9/5-6/1998- Tuscarora Trail from US340 to Mathews Arm CG, VA Backpacking Trip

9/25-27/1998- Cranberry Wilderness, WV Backpacking Trip

02/28-05/09/1999- Mike's Almost Half Way AT Thru Hike

06/06-09/1999- AT from WV 9 to US 50 Ashby Gap, VA

09/11-12/1999- Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail, PA (Miles 31-18)

01/15/2000- AT from US 50 Ashby Gap to Linden, VA

03/01-07/2000- AT Between Bland and Pearisburg, VA

04/01-15/2000- AT between Daleville and Pearisburg, VA

05/28-06/06/2000- AT from Rockfish Gap to Linden, VA

10/7-8/2000- Laurel Fork Area, VA Backpacking Trip

03/10-11/2001- AT from US60 to US501, VA

04/01-07/2001- AT from US60 to Rockfish Gap, VA

05/27-28/2001- Willis River Trail, VA Camp & Hike

06/09-10/2001- St. Marys Wilderness, VA 'Training Exercise'

07/04-06/2001- Old Loggers Path, PA Backpacking Trip

09/08-09/2001- Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail, PA (Miles 31 to 46)

04/14-18/2002- AT from Troutville to James River, VA Backpacking Trip

05/10-12/2002- Otter Creek Wilderness, WV Backpacking Trip

07/04-07/2002- Quehanna Trail (Miles 30-0), PA Backpacking Trip

08/09-11/2002- Laurel Highlands Trail, PA (Miles 46-70) Backpacking Trip

09/13-15/2002- AT from Caledonia SP, PA to PenMar, MD Backpacking Trip

10/25-27/2002- Greenbrier River Trail (Miles 25-41), WV Backpacking Trip

??/??/2003- AT from DWG, PA to PA501 Backpacking Trip

??/??/2003- AT from Swatara SP, PA to PA501 Backpacking Trip

08/02-03/2003- Ed Garvey Shelter, MD Backpacking Trip

05/23-25/2003- Laurel Fork Wilderness, WV Camp and Hike

08/08-10/2003- Greenbriar State Park, MD Camp and Hike

05/22-23/2004- Cranberry Wilderness/Backcountry, WV Backpacking Trip

05/29-30/2004- Tuscarora Trail between Elizabeth Furnace and US340, VA Backpacking Trip

06/25-27/2004- Seneca Rocks, WV Camp and Hike

07/17-18/2004- Stony Creek Rail Trail, PA Backpacking Trip

07/23-25/2004- Ramsey's Draft, VA Backpacking Trip

09/11-12/2004- AT from Boiling Springs to Pine Grove Furnace SP, PA Backpacking Trip

10/01-04/2004- Shenandoah Mountain-Ramsey's Draft, VA Backpacking Trip

05/28-30/2005- Lost Turkey Trail, PA Backpacking Trip

06/25/2005- Spruce Knob Area, WV Training Exercise

07/16-17/2005- Dolly Sods North Area, WV Backpacking Trip

07/10/2005- AT from Boiling Springs to Scott Farm, PA Day Hike

08/19-21/2005- Swallow Falls/Herrington Manor SP, MD Camp and Hike

04/08-09/2006- Massenutten Mountain South, VA Backpacking Trip

??/??/2006- AT from Kent, CT to Blairstown, NJ Backpacking Trip

07/01-02/2006- AT from Susquehanna River to PA325 Backpacking Trip

07/??-??/2006- Jones Mountain Cabin, SNP, VA Cabin-Camp (Pictures Only)

08/05-06/2006- Dolly Sods North, WV Revisited Camp and Hike

09/09-10/2006- AT from Scott Farm to Susquehanna River, PA Backpacking Trip

09/15-16/2006- Robertson Mountain, SNP, VA Backpacking Trip

05/10/2007- Chopawamsic Backcountry, VA Backpacking Trip

05/18-20/2007- Terrace Mountain Trail, PA Camp and Hike

??/??/2007- AT from Blairstown, NJ to Delaware Water Gap, PA Camp & Hike

06/??/2008- AT from Kent, CT to Salisbury, CT Backpacking Trip

07/12/2008- AT from Snickers Gap to Sam Moore Shelter, VA Backpacking Trip

??/??/2008- AT from North Adams, MA to Salisbury, CT

09/19/2008- Conestoga Trail, PA Camp and Bike

??/??/2009- AT from North Adams, MA to Franconia Notch, NH

05/23/2009- Loyalsock Trail, PA Backpacking Trip

09/26/2009- Annapolis Rocks, MD Camp and Hike

10/10-11/2009- Tuscarora Trail near Gore, VA Backpacking Trip

05/09-17/2015- Mason-Dixon Trail between Whiskey Springs and PA74/McKinley RD, PA

05/01/2010 to present- AT between Franconia Notch and Pinkham Notch, NH Various Trips

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