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Franklin Park, VA Perimeter Trail Recon

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Today my cousin Ron Calabrese and I hiked the 3.2 mile perimeter trail of Franklin Park near Purcellville, VA. This was a recon to see if it would be a good hike for the POPUMC Hiking Group. We started the hike at 9:30 on a cool, crisp first day of fall, 2020 from the first parking lot on the right as you enter the park. There were tennis courts and a swimming pool behind this lot.

This is a relatively new park and has many amenities. See the image of the entrance sign to this park on this page to see the icons. The perimeter trail has a trail for horses and a trail for people that are side by side around the park. There are some rolling hills here so I would classify this as a moderate hike. There was signage for the bridal trail and a few signs for the hiker trail. So we were able to find our way with minimal issues. Right after we started the hike we came across a Trail Closed sign and heard construction equipment in the distance. We figured that it was a park expansion project of some sort.

So we walked across one of the disc golf fairways and knew that if we stayed along the outer perimeter of the park, that we would find the trail eventually. We did and were back on the trail. About 75% of this trail was under tree canopy so on a hot day this hike would be bearable. I thought that we would be crossing the park road at around the mid point. But the road ended before it intersected this trail. So our only road crossing was right at the entrance to the park at the end of the hike.

Ron and I talked about this and that during the hike. We made decent time as we were off the trail by around 10:45 AM. Even though this hike is a bit over an hour travel time from Manassas, VA we both agreed that this would be a good hike for the hiking group. So this was a wonderful day to discover a new trail and hike with my cousin Ron.
Franklin PK Sign
Franklin PK Sign.
Trail Closure
Trail Closure.
Cousin Ron C
Cousin Ron C.
Typical Trail
Typical Trail.
Fishing Pond
Fishing Pond.
Map of where we hiked
Map of where we hiked.

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